Born and raised in Oradea (Nagyvárad), I practically grew up in the shoe workshop where I learned to love this profession, with all of the beauty and difficulties that go with it.
After going to school in Oradea and Nagyszalonta, I then continued my studies in Debrecen and decided to take up the family tradition and become a shoemaker.
I was taught the secrets and the love of the profession by my father the same way as he was once taught by my grandfather.
I founded my own enterprise in 1991; continuing the family tradition, I stayed by the shoehorn.
I have been trying to learn and acquire all the secrets of the profession ever since.
I participate on a regular basis at different international and national professional competitions where my work has gained significant success so far.

Craftsmanship has been passed on from father to son in my family for decades, and I do hope that once I will also be able to pass on all the experience and knowledge I will have collected to my children. - Handmade shoes by Attila (Budapest-Hungary) exclusive hand sewn shoes, luxury shoes
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